Grigory Berezkin – Two Crazy Fan Moments that Have Secured Top Positions in the Crazy-Soccer-Fans’ Hall of Fame

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Top Positions in the Crazy-Soccer-Fans' Hall of Fame

This year’s FIFA World Cup tournament is just around the corner and preparations from all over the world have set in – teams, players, coaches, organizers and not to forget, fans who have been getting more and more hysterical in the recent years. And who knows, someplace somewhere maybe an octopus is getting ready to make predictions this year. Paul did leave behind a legacy, didn’t he?

Speaking of hysterical fans, here’s a look at two crazy soccer fan moments that rocked the soccer world.

  • Displeased fans fires a rather unusual missile at Luis Figo

In 2002, when Real Madrid drew 0-0 with Barcelona, a certain fan who couldn’t take former Barca star Luis Figo playing in the white shot him with a missile from the stands...

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Grigory Berezkin – Star Players of 2013 Who Will Be Absent from FIFA World Cup 2014

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Star Players of 2013 Who Will Be Absent from FIFA World Cup 2014

The FIFA World Cup 2014 field is set – teams decided, players listed and audiences from around the world gearing up for this year’s biggest sports sensation. This year’s final 32 teams include 24 from previous year’s tournament. Here’s a look at five strong players who battled hard from their positions but in vain.

Five players who will definitely be missed on the competitive fields of Brazil this summer include

  • Goalkeeper Petr Cech

Though Czech Republic’s favorite goalkeeper played fiercely in every minute of his team’s drive to qualify at the group stage, his efforts vent in vain. In the ten matches the Czech played, Cech conceded nine goals yet his team finished 7 points behind group leader Italy and a point behind Denmark.

  • Right Back Branislav Ivanovic

Like Petr Cech, this Ch...

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